club_logo.gif SBCC Membership Fees


Season 2018-19


The full subscription is 4500 made up as follows:


SBCC membership 10

ECF Bronze membership 17

Moseley All Services Club membership 15

Clock & Web fund 300


If you're an unemployed adult, a student aged 18 or over, an OAP or you can plead any other special circumstances, you can pay a reduced membership of 3500 (consisting of ECF membership, MASC membership and the clock fund).


There is a one-off joining fee for MASC of 350.  You pay this in the first year only.


Women are not asked to join MASC,

Therefore subscription is 3000 (SBCC membership, ECF membership and clock fund).


School-age children are not asked to join MASC, or pay SBCC membership

Therefore subscription is 2000 (ECF membership and clock fund).